The FP6146 is a low dropout, low noise, high PSRR, very low quiescent current positive linear regulator. The FP6146 can supply 200mA output current with low dropout voltage at about 300mV that optimized for battery-powered systems or portable wireless devices such as mobile phones. The shutdown function can provide remote control for the external signal to decide the on/off state of FP6146 that consumes less than 0.1µA during shutdown mode. The FP6146 regulator is able to operate with output capacitors as small as 1µF for stability. Other than the current limit protection, FP6146 also offers the on chip thermal shutdown feature providing protection against overload or any condition when the ambient temperature exceeds the maximum junction temperature. The FP6146 offers high precision output voltage of 2%. It is housed in low-profile, space-saving SOT-23-3, SOT-23-5, TSOT-23-5, TDFN-6 (1.6mm×1.6mm) and SC-82-4 packages.



● Low Dropout Voltage of 300mV at 200mA
● Low 30μVrms Output Noise
● Guaranteed 300mA Output Current
● High Power Supply Rejection Ratio of 70dB at 10kHz
● Very Low Quiescent Current at 35µA
● Max. +/-2% Output Voltage Accuracy
● Needs Only 1µF Capacitor for Stability
● Fast Response in Line/Load Transient
● Thermal Shutdown Protection
● Current Limit Protection
● Low-ESR Ceramic Capacitor for Output Stability
● Miniature Packages: SOT-23-3, SOT-23-5, TSOT-23-5,
   TDFN-6 (1.6mm×1.6mm) and  SC-82-4
● RoHS Compliant
● Mobile Phones
● Notebook, Sub-Notebook and Tablet Computers
● Portable Information Appliances
● Battery Power Systems

Pin Assignments

Ordering Information

S5 Package (SOT-23-5)

S3 Package (SOT-23-3)

S8 Package (TSOT-23-5)

WD Package TDFN-6 (1.6mm×1.6mm)

C8 Package (SC-82-4)

Figure 1. Pin Assignment of FP6146


Typical Application Circuit